Empirix leads the market in service quality assurance for new IP communications.
Empirix helps organizations worldwide to accelerate the development, deployment and profitable operations of new IP communications by validating the quality of user experience and overall performance of complex networks and applications.

Since 1992, Empirix’s Hammer-based service quality assurance solutions have helped the world’s largest service providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprise contact centers successfully transition to new technologies including Unified Communications, IP Contact Centers, VoIP, NGN, and IMS-based networks. Our commitment to quality in everything we do sets the standard for the industry.

The Empirix Advantage
However our leadership is measured – customers, sales, deployment sizes, market share, market growth, global presence, product awards, thought leadership, and/or industry accolades – Empirix is a cut above the rest. We got there one customer at a time, delivering superior solutions to solve their most pressing service quality problems and quickly translating that into concrete business value.

Unrivaled Product Innovation
We can prescribe the right product solution for your specific need. The Empirix product offerings are unrivaled in terms of breadth and depth. Only Empirix can offer solutions across the entire system lifecycle, from development to commissioning and on-going production. Empirix products are also widely known for their quality, flexibility, and scalability, proven daily by the world’s largest service providers, enterprises, and equipment providers.
We’ve got the Hammer Test Engine, technology that sets our solutions apart. We invented the Hammer Test Engine™, now a global de-facto standard for validating IP communications quality. With more than 30 patents and patents-pending, Empirix continues to advance its Hammer technology, embedded across its product offering. With Hammer, only Empirix can validate IP communications with real-world end-user behavior – quickly finding problems that other test solutions cannot.

Unmatched Expertise Applied
Yeah, we’re the geeks in this space! We live and breathe this stuff – it’s all we do. And no one has been doing it longer than us, since 1992 when we pioneered VoIP testing. As a result, our expertise in assuring the quality of IP communications is deeper, so we’re more thorough and can fix problems faster. We also love sharing what we know, whether it’s to counsel industry standard bodies, or to help our customers become more successful. Why would you trust your quality with anyone less?

We built a dream team of services professionals that wants to be on your team. Our expertise is applied by a world-class professional services and award-winning support team. But it’s more than great product support and training. We also have industry leading consultants to help you with best practices in testing methodology, custom developments, outsourced testing services, and project management. In short, we have the experts across all the technology and operational disciplines so that every stage of your service quality assurance initiatives is completely successful.

Unabashed Customer Intimacy
We built a company culture around meeting your needs. We’re obsessed with understanding your needs and committed to meeting them. We take responsibility for your results. We see your problems as our own. We engage in a truly cooperative partnership with each of our customers. To do this all well, we built a strong company culture of agility, down-in-the-trenches solidarity, useful information exchange, and cooperative pursuit of results. We stay flexible to better serve you.

We know your needs are unique, and we have it all to tailor a solution for you. Many vendors talk about custom solutions, but few have the wherewithal to deliver. It takes a breadth of great products and services. It takes deep expertise well applied across a broad professional services team. And it takes a culture of agility and flexibility to meet customer needs. Only Empirix has it all in this industry. We put the products, expertise, and desire together to deliver a tailored solution that meets your pressing needs. We do it for some of the best-known organizations worldwide and we can do it for you.

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